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Архитектура, дизайн, проектирование [53]
Бетон, кирпич, ЖБИ [7]
Водопровод, канализация, сантехника [24]
Готовые дома, сборные сооружения [11]
Грузоперевозки [10]
Двери, перегородки [25]
Деревянные дома и бани, срубы домов [27]
Документация, ГОСТы, СНиПы [4]
Заборы, ворота и ограждения [7]
Инструменты [11]
Изоляционные материалы, клеи [10]
Кровля, кровельные материалы [14]
Лакокрасочные материалы [25]
Лестницы [3]
Мебель, предметы интерьера [29]
Металлопрокат, метизы, ковка [12]
Недвижимость [39]
Окна, оконные блоки, остекление [10]
Отделочные материалы [15]
Пиломатериалы [9]
Плитка, мрамор, гранит, камень [4]
Системы безопасности [8]
Вентиляция, отопление [16]
Стеновые и фасадные материалы [5]
Строительная документация [8]
Строительная техника и oборудование [28]
Строительство, ремонт и монтаж [76]
Сыпучие и вяжущие материалы [1]
Электрооборудование и электрика [12]
Другое [410]

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Строительная информация:

Organizationally, construction work can be performed in two ways: economic and contractual. With the economic method, they are performed by the forces and means of a certain enterprise or organization that they build for themselves. Depending on the allocation allocated for capital construction, each enterprise organizes a small construction organization, buys the necessary machines, mechanisms and materials, hires workers in construction specialties, that is, the enterprise creates a small construction base for itself. After the use of the allocated funds and the completion of construction, the created construction base will be liquidated. Thus, the economic method does not contribute to the development of construction and its industrialization.

Факт о строительстве:

Works of art are an invaluable asset of mankind, without which it is impossible to imagine world culture. An important place in this acquisition is occupied by architecture, this "stone annals of the world", in which the leading ideas of the past and present, the collective genius of nations, their glory and pride were embodied. Every nation is proud of the cultural achievements of its ancestors, because it sees in them not only its past, but also its present and future. However, there are works of architecture that belong to all of humanity. These are the Acropolis of Athens and the Taj Mahal in Acre, the Sofia of Constantinople and the Church of the Intercession on the Pearl, the Paris Square of Concord and the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin.