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Архитектура, дизайн, проектирование [53]
Бетон, кирпич, ЖБИ [7]
Водопровод, канализация, сантехника [24]
Готовые дома, сборные сооружения [11]
Грузоперевозки [10]
Двери, перегородки [25]
Деревянные дома и бани, срубы домов [27]
Документация, ГОСТы, СНиПы [4]
Заборы, ворота и ограждения [7]
Инструменты [11]
Изоляционные материалы, клеи [10]
Кровля, кровельные материалы [14]
Лакокрасочные материалы [25]
Лестницы [3]
Мебель, предметы интерьера [29]
Металлопрокат, метизы, ковка [12]
Недвижимость [39]
Окна, оконные блоки, остекление [10]
Отделочные материалы [15]
Пиломатериалы [9]
Плитка, мрамор, гранит, камень [4]
Системы безопасности [8]
Вентиляция, отопление [16]
Стеновые и фасадные материалы [5]
Строительная документация [8]
Строительная техника и oборудование [28]
Строительство, ремонт и монтаж [76]
Сыпучие и вяжущие материалы [1]
Электрооборудование и электрика [12]
Другое [410]

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Строительная информация:

Design, construction, and engineering firms, facility customers, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and equipment, financial institutions, and state bodies are involved in the construction process. At the same time, there is a noticeable variety of construction firms in terms of their size and specialization - from small artisanal and family firms to giants of the construction industry with a turnover of billions. The relative slowness of capital turnover in construction and the associated need to use loans, especially when building large houses. A higher degree of risk compared to other industries. These features affect the functioning of the construction market in economically developed countries, which is based on the competitive contract approach, in the conditions of the market economy provides the greatest efficiency of construction production.

Факт о строительстве:

The terms of implementation of the latest achieved scientific and technical progress significantly depend on the level of development of the construction industry itself and the pace of construction. The development of production technology and technical progress in all branches of the national economy are closely related to the constructive improvement of construction facilities. Only in new, rationally built structures can the perfection of technological processes in all branches of the economy be fully manifested.