Строительные статьи

Архитектура, дизайн, проектирование [53]
Бетон, кирпич, ЖБИ [7]
Водопровод, канализация, сантехника [24]
Готовые дома, сборные сооружения [11]
Грузоперевозки [10]
Двери, перегородки [25]
Деревянные дома и бани, срубы домов [27]
Документация, ГОСТы, СНиПы [4]
Заборы, ворота и ограждения [7]
Инструменты [11]
Изоляционные материалы, клеи [10]
Кровля, кровельные материалы [14]
Лакокрасочные материалы [25]
Лестницы [3]
Мебель, предметы интерьера [29]
Металлопрокат, метизы, ковка [12]
Недвижимость [39]
Окна, оконные блоки, остекление [10]
Отделочные материалы [15]
Пиломатериалы [9]
Плитка, мрамор, гранит, камень [4]
Системы безопасности [8]
Вентиляция, отопление [16]
Стеновые и фасадные материалы [5]
Строительная документация [8]
Строительная техника и oборудование [28]
Строительство, ремонт и монтаж [76]
Сыпучие и вяжущие материалы [1]
Электрооборудование и электрика [12]
Другое [410]

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Строительная информация:

Residential, cultural and industrial buildings are constructed by various construction organizations. Control over the activities of organizations, financing of construction and its planning is carried out through the State Committee of Ukraine for Town Planning and Architecture (Goskomgradostroytelstva Ukrainy) and territorial construction management at regional and city executive committees. The highest coordinating body of builders is the State Committee of Construction of Ukraine, which coordinates and directs the work of construction organizations. He supervises the implementation of decisions of the government of the country on construction issues, develops scientific problems, normative documents and technical conditions, controls the work of design organizations, reviews and approves standard projects, directs work on the development of technical progress in construction.

Факт о строительстве:

In the conditions of the market, construction, like all branches of the production sphere, acquires a new economic meaning associated with the free dynamics of capital and the free activity of each property object. Vertical industry connections, which prevailed in the administrative and planned economy, are being replaced by horizontal investor connections. Therefore, construction as an economic process represents the continuous investment activity of capital owners during the life cycles of the building or construction in which this capital was invested.