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Архитектура, дизайн, проектирование [53]
Бетон, кирпич, ЖБИ [7]
Водопровод, канализация, сантехника [24]
Готовые дома, сборные сооружения [11]
Грузоперевозки [10]
Двери, перегородки [25]
Деревянные дома и бани, срубы домов [27]
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Заборы, ворота и ограждения [7]
Инструменты [11]
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Плитка, мрамор, гранит, камень [4]
Системы безопасности [8]
Вентиляция, отопление [16]
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Строительная документация [8]
Строительная техника и oборудование [28]
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Электрооборудование и электрика [12]
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Строительная информация:

Construction works of the trust are carried out through the relevant construction, special or construction and installation authorities. The production activity of the trust or management is controlled by the apparatus, the quantitative composition of which is regulated by standard staff. The staffing schedule of the trust or management indicates its structure, the number of full-time units of the administrative and management personnel, and the monthly salary of the employees. Each construction organization is managed by a manager (chief) according to the principle of unified management. In fig. 2 presents a diagram of the organizational structure of the construction and installation management (SMU). The list and names of departments may change depending on the volume of work and production conditions. The work on the construction site (object) is supervised by the work producer (foreman), who gives the workers all the instructions from the foreman and foremen (Fig. 3). In addition, the foreman is subordinated to a calibration technician, a household foreman, a storekeeper, and a timekeeper.

Факт о строительстве:

5. Structural organization Considering the structure of the construction industry, it should be noted that it has various structural aspects: • industry structure (two areas are distinguished: the industry of construction materials and the totality of construction and installation organizations that carry out construction on construction sites) • functional structure (implementation of production connections, service connections and management); • territorial structure (taxonomic units of various ranks, starting from points of the construction industry to regions of the regional type and higher, connected by production ties)